Dedicated to maintaining the pride and spirit of Ceres




Year 2011


Edition No. 3




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Hello everyone,

   Hope you all have had a very enjoyable summer season.  It has been hot and dry here in Ceres this summer but I can feel the fall in the air these last few nights.  Football has started and we are seeing the deer, turkeys and other wildlife with their new antlers and winter coats coming out in the fields.  And some of the trees are beginning to turn.  It’s going to be a wonderful fall in Ceres.

   We have had a very busy summer at the gym, museum an fitness room.  With the completion of the gym floor in April, we have had a fund raiser or event every month.  I want to thank all of our members who have come out and helped with these events.  We cannot have these events without these dedicated people.

   We have had great turnouts for all the events, especially the Cookout for the Bill Creggar Scholarship Fund.  I believe that the community has really enjoyed the wonderful food and good music as a break from the hot weather and their hard work.

   Our next event is a Pig Roast on September 10th and I hope you all will turn out and help us raise funds to keep our wonderful facility running.

   Our big Homecoming and floor dedication is on October 15th.  I know you are all looking forward to coming and seeing your friends and neighbors. We still need items for raffle gifts and door prizes. Please see if your favorite stores and restaurants will contribute to the event.  Let Betty Hubble know what you get so it will be on our list of gifts.

   As usual I want to encourage everyone to please recruit new members to join our great organization. We need a lot of help to keep this facility operating and providing a service for Ceres and Bland County.

   Hope to see you all at the Pig Roast and Homecoming.    

   Please be safe, stay healthy and come out and support your organization. 



Wade Hall, President



   The meeting was not well attended because many were on vacation or had other commitments.  That did not stop those who were there from having a good time and enjoying plenty of delicious food.  If you missed the event, it was your loss.  Remember the 3rd Saturday in July and come join us next year.  Everyone is invited. 



   What a super evening!  It seemed that everyone had a good time.  The hamburgers and hot dogs with all the trimmings, baked beans, slaw, desserts and drinks were delicious.  We have some great cooks in Ceres.  If you don’t believe it, come out to one of our events.  A few of our cooks were doing double duty at the cookout and the Atwell Family Reunion.  176 enjoyed the meal and $2,009 was cleared for the Bill Creggar Memorial Scholarship Fund.  All the donations were appreciated.  Thanks to those individuals who donated the hamburger, lettuce, tomatoes, desserts, etc.

   The highlight of the evening was the wonderful music provided by two very talented local groups.  A special thanks go to Claudie Blevins and Roger Morehead and their players and singers for providing such enjoyable entertainment.  They were great. 

   Additional donations to the scholarship fund may be mailed to P. O. Box 32, Ceres, VA 24318 at any time.




   At its August 4, 2011 meeting, the Ceres Alumni Association Officers and Boards of Directors proposed a change to the Association’s by-laws and constitution to be presented to the membership for vote on October 15, 2011.   As required by the by-laws, this is the advance notice provided to the membership. 


Add to the By-Laws and Constitution :


Article V, Section C2  “Effective immediately, all past Association Presidents shall be members of the Association Board of Directors and Endowment Trust Fund Board of Directors with no expiring terms.”


Reasons for change: 

   1. Some of our current Board members have been elected to the Boards after having served as President.  If these persons are automatically Board members, this would free up spaces for additional persons to serve on the Boards and would increase the number of individuals in the work-force.  You do not need to be a Board member to be on the work-force but it increases the chances that individuals will help. 

   2. This would give the Association the opportunity to capture and utilize the experience from those past Presidents for a longer period of time.

   3. Those individuals currently affected would be:  Anne H. Britton, Doris C. Woodward, Donna H. Compton, Frances C. Davis, Betty C. Hubble, Archie B. Atwell, and Wade F. Hall. 



The following deaths were reported since the last newsletter was published:

   Nora J. Lambert Umbarger

   Larry F. Thompson

   Robert “Bobby” Cruff

   “Jack” Williams (brother of Carrol W. Crabtree)

   Patsy Patrick Dillow

   Laura Williams (mother of Betty W. Crabtree)           



In memory and honor of her parents

  By Denise Peery Huff







      Plans are again underway for a raffle, to be drawn on October 15, 2011.  Tickets are still available.  Your assistance in selling or buying these will be greatly appreciated.  Prizes, listed below, were donated by an Association member if not otherwise identified.  We have some very nice items for raffle gifts and door prizes including:


Ø  Rifle, 270 Remington with Bushnell scope donated by Ceres Alumni Association

Ø  Framed P. Buckley Moss print, donated by Moss Foundation and framed by Farmer’s Daughter

Ø  Handmade quilt made and donated by Myra and the “Just for Fun Quilters”

Ø  Sears Craftsman cutting kit donated by James F. Wilson

Ø  Laptop Computer, Windows 7 donated by CAA and two CAA members

Ø  $25 gift certificate donated by Harner’s Market

Ø  Basket of organic toiletries donated by Chick-a-Bee Farm

Ø  $25 Certificate donated by Applebee’s of Wytheville

Ø  5 qt. Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker

Ø  Motorized coin sorter

Ø  2 pound Country Fresh Fudge donated by Big Walker Lookout

Ø  Ice Tea Maker

Ø  $50 Gift Certificate, good at various businesses by  Builders Supermarket

Ø  Handmade throw made and donated by Crabtree Family Sewing

Ø  $50 Bonds (2) from New Peoples Bank

Ø  $25 cash from Randy Townley, Bland Auto

Ø  Mary Kay skin care products (3)

Ø  $50 Bond donated by First1Bank

Ø  Handmade afghan

Ø  Hamilton Beach Ice Cream & Yogurt Maker

Ø  Set of Christmas dishes

Ø  Table runner

Ø  Four day-passes to Wytheville Community Recreation Center – 2 adult, 2 children (2)

Ø  Travel bag of goodies (5) by Jack King

Ø  Bowl Set and key chains by Della Mae Neel

Ø  Pocket Knife (2) by W&W NAPA of Bland

Ø  Medium Pizza & 3 liter Coke (3) by Bland Square Restaurant

Ø  Travel thermos bottle by Bland Farm Bureau

Ø  Travel throw by Bland Farm Bureau

Ø  5 caps by Bland Farm Bureau

Ø  Cloth grocery bags (5) by Della Mae Neel

Ø  Gift card boxes by Della Mae Neel


Additional prizes are still needed.


    A prize will go to the individual who sells the most ($) in tickets.  Again, we would appreciate your help this year.  This is our largest fund raiser. 

   We hope you will sell or buy raffle tickets.  Sold ticket stubs may be mailed to PO Box 32, Ceres, VA 24318.  Raffle tickets are $1.00 each or 12 for $10.00.  If you need additional tickets, please call 276.682.4255 or 276.688.4450.


Membership Dues

   As of this date, there are 114 paid members of the Ceres Alumni Association.  Dues are $25.00 for one year, and $100.00 for five years.  Memberships are based on calendar year (January – December).  If you haven’t paid your membership dues for 2011, please consider doing that today.  We appreciate your support.



Monthly Board Meetings

3rd Thursday – 7:00 PM

Except 3rd Saturday - Jan., Apr., July, & Oct.

Everyone is welcome to attend


Pig Roast

Music Planned

Peery Center Gym

Sept.10, 2011 ~ start serving at 5:00 PM

For utilities and building upkeep

Price:  By Donation


11th Annual Homecoming

October 15, 2011

On the former Ceres school campus

Registration starts at 11:00 AM

Touring & visiting until 11:55 AM

Dedication of gym floor at 12:00 noon

Meal served at 1:00 PM

Meal cost - $15.00 per person

Meal by Scarlett Hunter Catering (formerly Loretta Worrell)

Business meeting and raffle drawing after lunch

Touring and Visiting


Reservation forms must be returned by

October 7, 2011 to PO Box 32, Ceres, VA

See registration forms below.


All-you-can-eat Pancake Breakfast

Applebee’s Restaurant, Wytheville

November 5, 2011 ~ 8:00 – 10:00 AM

$5.00 per person

Advance tickets or pay at the door


Voter’s Café 

Election Day Breakfast and Lunch

Peery Center Gym

Nov. 8, 2011 ~ 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM


Toys for Tots Drive

October 15 - December 1. 2011

Bring or send new unwrapped toys and stuffed animals.  Items may be brought to Homecoming, mailed to our post office box, given to any Board Member or left at Harner’s Market in Ceres.


Christmas Pig Roast (Carry Out)

December 16, 2011

Place orders before Dec.10th by calling

Wade at 682-4380 or G.H. at 682-4381




LATE NEWS FLASH – New “Wildcat” T-shirts are available!




Ceres Alumni Association (C. A. A.)

Eleventh Annual Ceres Homecoming

Registration Begins 11:00 AM - October 15, 2011

Former Ceres School Campus


Registration – Return to:  C. A. A, PO Box 32, Ceres, VA 24318 by October 07, 2011


Name(s) and Address: ________________________________________   __________________________________________________________


Number Meals*



Amount Enclosed

Yes, I/we plan to attend



@ $15.00 each






No, I will be unable to attend this year  ________



Other Funds Enclosed:

Dues for 1 year

@ $  25.00



Dues for 5 years

@ $100.00



Donations to Association




Donation to Endowment Trust Fund




Raffle Tickets













Total Enclosed


Remember the “Toys for Tots” Drive.  Bring new unwrapped toys and stuffed animals.


Would you be willing to be an officer or serve on a committee?






Ceres Alumni Association

P. O. Box 32

Ceres, VA 24318

276 682-3989


E-Mail Address



Web Site


Elmer Beardshall, Web Master




Monthly Board Meetings

7:00 PM on 3rd Thursday in each month except

quarterly meetings - 3rd Sat. of Jan, Apr., July, Oct.

Everyone is welcome



Henry C Groseclose Agriculture & FFA Museum

Open by appointment

Call 276 682-4587




Officers for 2011






Wade F. Hall


Vice President



Betty C. Hubble

Recording Secretary/ Reporter



Rebecca M. Peery

Membership Secretary



Lorraine S. Waddle





Elizabeth N. Kimberlin




Robert I. Waddle

Past President



Archie B. Atwell


Association Directors and term ending year:

J. W. Cassell – 2011

Jonan C. Repass – 2012

Anne H. Britton - 2013

Frances C. Davis – 2011

Sue Repass – 2012

Frankie Gray - 2013

Evelyn H. Groseclose – 2011

W. Nelson Tibbs – 2012

William H. Hubble - 2013




Endowment Trust Fund Directors and term ending year:

Dean Kirk – 2011

Joyce Keen – 2012

Judy Cassell - 2013

Robin U. Repass – 2011

George H. Peery, III – 2012

William H. Crabtree - 2013

Jerry Thompson – 2011

James Wilson – 2012


DeWayne Hubble - 2013

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