Dedicated to maintaining the pride and spirit of Ceres


Year 2009 June Edition No. 1


There is no sponsor for this newsletter. We have been mailing 375 newsletters each time. The postage alone is now $165.00. That does not cover paper and labels. We have been extremely fortunate for about a year in having the copies run by a wonderful anonymous Association member. THANKS to that mystery person.

If you or your company would like to sponsor a future newsletter or make a donation toward the newsletter cost, please contact any officer or mail your check to CAA, P.O. Box 32, Ceres, VA 24318.


Hello! I hope you all are enjoying this great spring weather. It sure is beautiful in downtown Ceres, Va.

It has been busy the last few months with the Spaghetti Dinner, Applebee’s Breakfast, Flea market and Friday’s Chicken Dinner. I want to thank all the members who have turned out and worked so hard to make all of these events such great successes for the association and the community.

The Gym Project is still with VDOT personnel who are reviewing the plans. They seem to be taking a very long time to complete their review. We hope they will be completed soon and that we can proceed to go out for construction bids in June.

The gym usage for the summer is being booked for a lot of activities such as Dinners, Reunions, Wedding Receptions and Graduation parties. I am so happy we are fortunate to have our facility for the community.

We do need everyone’s help on getting our membership up. At present, we have 93 members, down from 140 in 2008. Please help us keep this facility going by continuing your memberships and recruiting new members. Review your membership status and if you haven’t joined for 2009 we look forward to hearing from you and receiving your dues.

I hope to see you all at the July 4th Pig Roast and in our wonderful fitness center. Have a healthy and safe summer.

Wade Hall, President


If you or your family plans to use the gym for your family reunion this summer, make your requests as early as possible so you can get your first choice of dates. Call 276 682-4380 or 276 682-4255 to schedule your dates.


Although we are still waiting to hear from the Virginia Department of Transportation on the next phase of our Federal Grant that was approved in 2006, we have started receiving bills for the local match which must be paid up front. The funds must funnel through the State and local government before reaching the user organization.


Members of the Alumni Association pitched in to help the Bland American Legion Post 20 conduct their first Pancake Breakfast fund raiser on April 25. The successful venture raised almost $600 for the Post and was much appreciated.



For all users of the fitness room: When you visit the fitness room, look for a notice of the date on which new locks will be installed on the door and instructions on obtaining a new key.


Have you started thinking about raffle and door prize gifts for Homecoming? We need to know what gifts will be donated before July 1 so we can print and mail the tickets. This is our main fund raiser of the year. Your help will be appreciated. J. C. Kidd has suggested we give a monetary gift, which he will donate, to the person who purchases the greatest number ($) of raffle tickets. Thanks, J. C. Let us know if you have other ideas.


On March 14, 2009, the Association sponsored an all-you-can-eat Pancake Breakfast at Applebee’s Restaurant in Wytheville. $596.75 was cleared during the two hours. Appreciation is expressed to Applebee’s Restaurant, all who sold tickets, all who enjoyed the breakfast and to the efficient Association servers.


Too bad if you missed the May 22nd barbeque and music. The food was good and the music was great! Thanks to all the cooks and the music groups. A special treat was having "Jim-Jim" Britton come home to be with us. Price was by donation and over $1,000 was cleared for the upkeep of the buildings. $104 was made on the 50/50 drawing for the Association. Kathy Hubble was the lucky winner of $104.


Filmore Cassell

Lillian Foglesong Mitchell

Gilda Harner Countiss

Marie Bridges Cox

Nora Mae Hubble Wygal

Bruce McCall (husband of Mildred Peery McCall and brother of Lida Groseclose)

Ruby Crabtree Atwell

Ruth Perkey Melvin

Bryan C. Simms

Justin Dunn

Edith Cox (Mrs. Herman) Neel

Rosa Lee (Mrs. Henry) Shewey

Allen Neel

Helen Ferris

James Ferris

Kaye Cox McGuire

Attie Ruth Cregger Atwell

Wallace H. Myers

Christopher Hounshell

J. V. Shockley

Memorial / Honorarium Gifts

MEMORY – Bonnie Crabtree Boothe

By Board of Directors, Pulaski Market, Inc.


MEMORY Bonnie Crabtree Boothe

By Mary B. Williams


MEMORY – Ruby Crabtree Atwell

By Buddie and Lorree Waddle


Appreciation is expressed to Congressman and Mrs. Rick Boucher for donating three very nice pieces of exercise equipment to the fitness room. They are being put to good use by all those who use the facility.


As of mid-May, paid membership stands at 93. In 2000, we had 29 charter members. Over the years, membership grew to its highest of 168 in 2007. Membership runs from January 1 to December 31, so if you haven’t paid your membership dues for 2009, please consider doing that today. Dues are $25.00 for one year, and $100.00 for five years. Thanks for your support by being members. Without you, we would not be as successful as we have been. We have had several calls from individuals wanting to know if his/her dues were paid. As a benefit to all who receive this newsletter, a personalized status report will be included in this issue. We hope it will be helpful.



The Valentine’s Day Spaghetti Supper on February 14, 2009 to raise funds for the Relay for Life Cancer Fund was a big success. As usual, the kitchen was under the direction of Nelson, Sue and Robin with other helpers too numerous to mention.

Approximately 161 meals were served and $1,800 was made for Relay for Life. The winner of the $84.00 50/50 drawing was Bill Barrett of Taylorsville, GA. He then donated it back to the Alumni Association. THANKS, Bill.


It is too bad if you missed the Flea-market on May 2, 2009. I think everyone had a good time and, hopefully, all the vendors had a worthwhile day.

The hottest selling items of the day were the sausage biscuits, sausage gravy biscuits and hot dogs. Everyone seemed to be hungry and many came back for seconds.

There was a large variety of items for sale. Gary and Janet Repass White had corn grinding equipment on site and made freshly ground corn meal for sale.

The Alumni Association cleared about $600 from the sale of food, donated flea-market items and booths. $146 was also turned in from the sale of souvenirs from the Museum.

The proceeds from this event will be partially matched (up to a cap of $250.00) by Thrivent Financial for Lutherans through its Care in Communities program. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans is a fraternal organization composed of Lutheran Church members or employees of Lutheran organizations. Sharon Lutheran Church is the co-sponsor. Appreciation is expressed to both Thrivent Financial for Lutherans and the members of Sharon Lutheran Church.


Pig Roast and Music

July 4, 2009 at Peery Center Gym

Start serving 5:00 PM

Music by Bone-Drye Band of Baltimore

Music commencing at 7:00 PM

Bone-Drye is an eight member, progressive rhythm, blues, and dance-for-all band playing music from the 70’s, 80’s and country. Donations will be accepted.

Proceeds go toward upkeep of buildings.

Bring folding chairs for outdoor event, weather permitting.


Picnic and Quarterly Meeting

Peery Center Gym

July 18, 2009 – 1:00 PM

Bring your favorite dish and your family.

Everyone is welcome.


9th Annual Homecoming

October 17, 2009

Will honor 1959 Basketball Team

Program by Dr. Sidney Harvey

Meal catered by Loretta Worrell

More details later.

Under the sponsorship of Sharon Lutheran Church, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans will match our Homecoming Festival earnings up to $1,020.


All-you-can-eat Pancake Breakfast

Applebee’s Restaurant, Wytheville

October 31, 2009 ~ 7:00 – 9:00 AM

$5.00 per person

(Association receives $4.25 of each ticket)


Monthly Board Meetings

3rd Thursday – 7:00 PM

Everyone is welcome to attend.








Your Ceres Alumni Association Membership

___ Dues for ____________________ are paid through December ______. Thank you!


___ We appreciate your past membership and/or all that you have done for the Association. We hope you will see fit to become a current member.

___ We have not heard from you for some time. Please call (276) 682-4255, write CAA, P.O. Box 32, Ceres, VA 24318, or email ceres_alumni_association@hotmail.com  if you enjoy the newsletter and desire to remain on the mailing list. Newsletters can be viewed on the www.ceresva.org  web site.





Ceres Alumni Association

P. O. Box 32

Ceres, VA 24318

276 682-3989

E-Mail Address


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Monthly Board Meetings

7:00 PM on 3rd Thursday in each month

Everyone is welcome

Henry C Groseclose Agriculture & FFA Museum

Open by appointment

Call 276 682-4587

Officers for 2009

President Wade F. Hall


Vice President Betty C. Hubble


Recording Secretary/Reporter Rebecca Perry


Membership Secretary Lorraine Waddle


Treasurer Robert I. Waddle


Association Directors and term ending year:

Jonan C. Repass – ’09 William M. Creggar – ‘10

Sue Repass – ’09 J. W. Cassell – ‘11

W. Nelson Tibbs – ‘09 Frances C. Davis – ‘11

Anne H. Britton – ’10 Evelyn H. Groseclose – ‘11

William H. Hubble – ’10 Archie Atwell – Past Pres.

Endowment Trust Fund Directors & term ending year:

Joyce Keen – ’09 DeWayne Hubble – ‘10

George H. Peery, III – ’09 Dean Kirk – ‘11

James Wilson – ’09 Robin U. Repass – ‘11

J Judy Cassell – ’10 Jerry Thompson – ‘11

William H. Crabtree – ‘10 Robert I. Waddle – Treas.