Dedicated to maintaining the pride and spirit of Ceres


Year 2008                                        July                                    Edition No. 2



   This issue of the newsletter is being sponsored by the late Edgar Ned Baugh.   Last year the need for newsletter sponsors was announced.  Thanks to those of you who responded, we had enough sponsors for over a year.  The sponsors were used in the order in which they were received.  The last sponsorship received came from Ned Baugh who was a faithful supporter of the Association.   Just after the most recent newsletter was published, we learned of the sad and untimely death of Ned Baugh.  This issue is dedicated to Ned’s memory with our thanks.

   If you or your company would like to sponsor a future newsletter, please contact any officer or mail your check for $165 to P.O. Box 32, Ceres, VA 24318.  This covers postage, paper and mailing labels.



   I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.

   We have been busy at the Gym and Museum so far this spring and summer. We have had wedding receptions, family reunions, anniversary celebrations, birthday parties, church and historical society luncheons and tours,  and, of course, our own Pig Roast and Chicken BBQ Dinners with the Moonshine Mafia Band providing the entertainment.  Please spread the word on our great facility for special events and kids sporting events.  We still have openings for the summer and fall available.  Users make a donation to cover expenses.

   Don't forget our great Exercise Facility with Nautilus equipment and stationary bikes.  You can't beat the price of only $5 a month.

   We are making some progress on the new gym floor and hope to have the engineering options, plans, & environmental documents ready to go to VDOT for approval by August.  I am sure everyone will be happy to hear that the engineers have advised us that the existing floor can be repaired and refinished.  (See Federal Grant article later in newsletter.)

   We are in process to identify the 2009 list for the officers to be nominated at our October Homecoming.  Please let us know if you would be interested in serving as an officer in this great organizations. 

   We hope to see you at our quarterly meeting and covered dish picnic in the gym on July 19, 2008 at 1:00 PM.  Bring a friend.

   A “Toys for Tots” drive will be conducted at the Homecoming.  Bring new unwrapped toys to for less fortunate children.

   In an effort to save postage costs, we are including raffle tickets and homecoming registration forms in this mailing.  We hope this will be more convenient for you.

   I again ask all of you to spread the word about our community organization and recruit as many new members as possible so we can continue our contributions to this great community of CERES.

                               Wade Hall, President



Update on Grants

Wythe-Bland Foundation Grant

   On April 30, 2008, the final payment of $16,666.00 was received from the Wythe-Bland Foundation.  In 2006, this grant was written requesting assistance with the completion of the gym floor.  It was approved that same year with a stipulation that the project must be completed within a one-year time frame.  Due to slow progress on completion of the gym floor because of the involvement of federal dollars, an extension on this time frame was requested along with a request for permission to use this money on other projects at the gym such as installing new windows, the bathroom in the fitness room, etc.  Permission was granted on these requests.  After a final report was submitted, the money was received.


Federal Grant

   While progress on the federal grant monies, which were approved in 2005, have been slow, an A & E firm has been approved to begin work on this project.  On July 1, 2008, a meeting was held to review the plans concerning this project.  Present at this meeting were representatives from the A & E Firm (The Lane Group), liaison for the federal grant, Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), and Bland County, (Aaron Sizemore), and the Ceres Alumni Association Committee (Wade Hall, Bill Hubble, Betty Hubble, Buddie Waddle, and Lorree Waddle).  The A & E representatives presented preliminary plans for the gym floor, the handicap ramp, and the concrete work.  The plans for the gym floor included the following four options with the estimated cost of each option:

1.                  Hardwood Replacement - $90,807

2.                  Refinish Existing Floor -  $34,086

3.                  Replace with Beynon Sports Flooring (rubber poured flooring) - $71,296

4.                  Replace with Snapsports Maple Floor - $54,046

   After explanations and discussions concerning these above options, the CAA committee decided on the most cost-effective option – repairing and refinishing the existing floor.

   Plans concerning the handicap ramps were presented, but no cost estimates were available.   It was the consensus of the A & E firm and the CAA committee that it would be more cost effective to have the handicap ramp at the rear entrance to the gym.

   The concrete work was discussed.  Suggestions made by the committee will be  included in  the final plans.



   We have been requested to conduct another fall raffle and are now receiving prizes to be used for that raffle.  Tickets are being mailed with this newsletter.  A complete list of prizes and donors will be published later.   Prizes, listed below, were donated by an Association member if not otherwise identified.  We already have some very nice prizes including:

Ø      Rifle, Marlin 22 magnum

Ø      Framed P. Buckley Moss print, donated by Moss Foundation and framed by Farmer’s Daughter.

Ø      Dell laptop computer, Windows 98

Ø      2008 Mint coin set

Ø      37 piece Stainless steel cutlery set

Ø      $50 in Gasoline from Harner’s General Store

Ø      Paper Shredder by Della Mae Neel

Ø      Handmade afghan

Ø      110 piece tool set

Ø      Hand Mixer

Ø      Handmade throw donated by Crabtree and Pruett Sewing

Ø      $50 Savings Bond from New Peoples Bank

Ø      Ken Duncan book of US photos (200 pg.)

Ø      Ceres-Goddess of Grain puzzle

Ø      Rhino Fishing rod w/ball-bearing reel

Ø      2 sets of Mary Kay skin care products

Ø      Chair by First1Bank

Ø      Clock

Ø      And many more…….


More raffle prizes and door prizes are needed.  Contact any officer. 


   A nice prize will go to the individual who sells the most tickets.  In recent years, one member bought and gave several books of tickets to friends and relatives.  We would appreciate your help again this year.  This is our largest fund raiser. 


Also, if we make $1,300, it will be matched by Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans is a fraternal organization composed of Lutheran Church members or employees of Lutheran organizations.  The above amounts will be matches for fund raising conducted by the Association and co-sponsored by Sharon Lutheran Church.  Appreciation is expressed to both Thrivent Financial for Lutherans and the members of Sharon Lutheran Church. 

   I hope you will sell or buy the enclosed raffle tickets.  Sold ticket stubs may be mailed to PO Box 32, Ceres, VA 24318.  Raffle tickets are $1.00 each or 12 for $10.00.  If you need additional tickets, please let us know.




   Probably you have noticed for many  years when you entered the gym that most of the window panes in the gym were cloudy and discolored.  Also, several windows were cracked or broken.  No more!  Using some


of the $25,000 grant, the window panes have been replaced.  It is amazing how much more light comes in and how much brighter it makes the gym.  We think you will agree this was a great improvement.




   The Bland County Historical Society met at the Henry C. Groseclose Museum, along with the Ceres Alumni Assoc. on Sat. June 21, to celebrate the 80th birthday of the FFA. Thirty-seven members of both groups were present.

   The program consisted of a very impressive Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States, and the singing of The National Anthem and God Bless America by the Taconet children.  Anne Britton gave a brief history of the FFA and the vision Henry C. Groseclose had of a way to make farming a profession to be proud of.   Archie Atwell, Jack Tate, Bobby Munsey, and Eddie Atwell all spoke of the influence the FFA had been in their lives.

   After the program, the Society, under the leadership of Molly Thompson, conducted their quarterly business meeting.  Molly then adjourned the meeting and everyone was served a beautifully decorated birthday cake, mints, and punch provided by the Historical Society. 

   Members of the CAA Museum Committee, Archie Atwell, Sue Repass, Jonan Repass, Jim and Anne Britton, were very pleased to be a part of this day.





Edgar Ned Baugh                                                             Mildred (Mrs. Dee) Hubble          

Margaret (Mrs. Dennis) Tibbs                                           Joseph DeWilde (son of Barbara Kegley)

Mildean Hanshew                                                             Nannie Hayton Hilderbrand

Pauline Lambert Barker                                                    Joe Tibbs

Anna Wayne Tibbs Thompson                                         Edward “Ed” Kimberlin

Santa Fe (Mrs. Fred) Hubble                                            Helen (Mrs. Ralph) Anderson

  (Mother of DeWayne Hubble & sister of Bill Woodward)                        Margaret (Mrs. Paul) Hubble

Terence Martin (grandson of Alma U. Brown)                     Billy R. Umbarger, Sr.





Memorial / Honorarium Gifts

MEMORY   Anna Wayne Thompson and Joe Tibbs

  By Bob and Betty K. Munsey

  By William and Betty Hubble

  By Buddie and Lorree Waddle


MEMORY – Anna Wayne Thompson

  By Louise Meck


MEMORY – Helen L. Cassell

 By Kathleen D. Hall   


MEMORY   Santa Fe Hubble

 By William and Betty Hubble


MEMORY – Ed Kimberlin

 By William and Betty Hubble


MEMORY – Brooksie Neel Umbarger

 By Kathleen D. Hall




  Special thanks go to Harmon and Carrie Pauley for having the hand railing installed on the stairs to the fitness room.  This is a big help to the old and young.  Thanks!

   Also to Grace Neel Foglesong for her generous donation when she brought her Church group to visit Ceres.  Again, thanks!



   Fund raising is a vital part of any non-profit organization and the Ceres Alumni Association is no exception.  Last year, costs associated with routine utilities, (electricity, telephone, propane for heat, and pest control), insurance, and building maintenance were $7,660.31.  Fundraisers help to offset these expenses.

   Although our first fund raiser of the year, did not go into the CAA treasury, we felt it was an important community service.  On February 15, 2008, a spaghetti dinner was held at the Peery Center.  The proceeds from this fundraiser went to two Bland County Relay for Life Teams.  We raised a total of $1,300.00 for cancer research.

   The CAA’s Annual Flea Market was held on May 3, 2008 and was considered a success.  Sixteen vendors participated in this event.  This event netted the CAA $607.25 in total sales.  Food sales were $300.75; $146.50 in museum sales; and $160.00 in booths for vendors.

     The Pig Roast, held on May 31, 2008, was a huge success.  Donations for the meals netted $1,433.00 and 182 meals were served at this event.  After expenses, we cleared $647.67. 

    On July 5, 2008, a chicken bar-be-cue was held.  More information concerning this event will be forthcoming in future newsletters.

   In conjunction with Applebee’s Restaurant in Wytheville, VA, we are scheduled to host an “All You Can Eat Pancake” Breakfast on Saturday, September 6, 2008 between 7:30 – 9:30 a.m. at Applebee’s Restaurant.  Tickets are $5.00 per person.  The breakfast consists of pancakes, sausage, syrup, coffee, tea, milk, and orange juice.  Applebee’s receives $.75 on each ticket and the CAA retains the rest of the $5.00 ticket.  When we did this fundraiser several years ago, we cleared $535.52.  We hope to do better this time.  So purchase your tickets now.  Tickets are available from any officer or board member of the CAA.


   As you can determine, we have been a busy bunch of people.  We appreciate the contributions of all of the people.  Without support from the community, we could not be successful in raising funds to maintain the facilities.



   In 2003, the Ceres Alumni Association approved the establishment of an Endowment Trust Fund to provide for the long range upkeep of the Groseclose Museum and the Peery Center gym.

   The purpose of the fund is to receive assets of any nature to provide a perpetual income for the maintenance and care of the above buildings.  Many people are interested in making contributions to such a fund whereby the principal is retained and earnings are used to provide an annual income, knowing that such a fund will provide support for years to come.  This could be of interest to individuals in estate planning or who no longer live in the area, but would like to leave a legacy to the community.  It is also an opportunity to make a gift in honor or memory of family or friends.

   Gifts may include direct cash gifts, stocks or bonds, real estate or include bequests in wills or insurance policies.  Anyone interested in making contributions may contact a member of the Endowment Fund Committee.



   So far for the calendar year 2008, we have 105 members.  Last year (2007), the total members were 168 and the member-ship dues collected were $5,113.00.  Membership runs from January 1 to December 31, so if you haven’t paid your membership dues for 2008, please consider doing that today.  Dues are $25.00 for one year, and $100.00 for five years.  Thanks for your support by being members.  Without you, we would not be as successful as we have been.




Picnic and Quarterly Meeting

July 19, 2008 – 1:00 PM

Peery Center Gym


All-you-can-eat Pancake Breakfast

September 6, 2008     7:30 – 9:30 AM

Appleby’s Restaurant – Wytheville

$5.00 per person (tickets now available)

Association will make $4.25 on each ticket sold

Association members will be your servers!.


8th Annual Homecoming

October 18, 2008

Peery Center Gym

Registration starts at 11:00 AM

Meal served at 1:00 PM

Meal catered by Loretta Worrell

(Same as last year)

Meal cost - $15.00

Reservation forms must be returned by

October 9, 2008 to PO Box 32, Ceres, VA

See registration forms in this newsletter.

Remember “Toys for Tots” drive.


Monthly Board Meetings

3rd Thursday – 7:00 PM

Everyone is welcome to attend.


Other events to be announced