Dedicated to maintaining the pride and spirit of Ceres


Year 2008                                     January                                Edition No. 1



   This issue of the newsletter is being sponsored by Chuck and Becky Ingram Johnson and is dedicated to the honor of her Mother, Allie Ingram who is 93 years young.  The Ceres Alumni Association appreciates Chuck and Becky’s many areas of support to the Association and thanks them for sponsoring this newsletter. 

   If you or your company would like to sponsor a future newsletter, please contact any officer or mail your check for $165 to P.O. Box 32, Ceres, VA 24318.  This covers postage, paper and mailing labels.



   HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday period and are ready for a great 2008.

   Many thanks go to everyone for their participation and support for the organization over the past year.  I look forward to another great year for the Ceres Alumni Association.

   2007 was a good year for the growth of activities at our facilities. We had a number of fund raising activities (i.e. dinners with music, flea market/yard sale, pig roasts) all of which raised funds for our facilities operation.

   The Basketball activities increased with the Bland Youth League and the Adult Basketball games going on most every evening and weekends during the winter months. We also had weddings, anniversary celebrations, receptions, birthday parties, youth nights, Quilting show, our annual reunion and a number of luncheons honoring members and neighbors who have left us this past year.

   The museum added a number of new items for presentation and new items for sale which raised funds for the organization.

   The exercise facility continued to add new members and new equipment.  I am so happy to see the facilities being used by the community which is what we all are working so hard to promote.

   2008 is going to be a little hectic with the planned new gym floor and other  renovations to be completed.  I hope we can add new activities at the gym such as card nights, music nights and more activities for the youth.

   We need activities for all ages in our community which will help us increase the membership and growth of our organization. I ask all of you to please give us your suggestions on activities you would like to see at the gym, recruit new members (dues $25 for the calendar year) and help with this community organization’s activities. Please come out to our monthly meetings. We need your Help to continue the growth of this great community organization.

                                                                                         Wade Hall, President



   It could be said that a good time was had by all.  The food was delicious.  Many thanks go to G. H. Peery, III and his crew of many for the work outside cooking and preparing the meat, to Nelson Tibbs and Sue Repass for all their work in the kitchen preparing slaw and baked beans, and to the many others who made and served desserts and did all the other necessary tasks. MOONSHINE MAFIA provided music that was enjoyed by all. $1,042.97 was made which will be used toward utility bills.  We appreciate everyone who came, who helped and who visited the Museum.




   The 154 dinner attendees and all those who came by to visit appeared to enjoy the day of fellowship.  The bountiful dinner was delicious.  During the business meeting, all those who had died during the past year were remembered and a long stem rose was presented to a family member.

   The following officers for 2008 were elected:

President – Wade Hall

Vice President – Betty Hubble

Secy./Reporter  - Rebecca Peery

Membership Secy. – Lorree Waddle

Treasurer – Buddie Waddle

Directors through 2010 – Anne Britton and William Hubble

Endowment Directors through 2010 – Judy Cassell and DeWayne Hubble

   Raffle winners are listed below.  Next year tickets for door prizes will be given out so that the door prize awarding will move faster.



   Thanks to all who sold raffle tickets.  Della Mae Neel of Ceres sold $228 in tickets.  She received a very nice afghan handmade and donated by Ann Peery.   Linda Davis and Donald Cooper were close runner-ups in ticket sales.  This is our largest fund raiser.  $1,300.00 will be matched by Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.  


   Raffle prize winners were:

·         Phil & Jan Neilson                                                               Pam Cline

·         Dan Foglesong                                                                    Joyce Keen

·         Ronnie Houck                                                                      Barbara Wimmer

·         J.C. Dillow Jr.                                                                       Priscilla Hubble

·         Bradley Funeral Home                                                       Sue Sparks

·         Janet White                                                                           Colin Tyeryar

·         Arthur Owens                                                                       Michael McIntyre

·         Ethel Smith                                                                           James B. Muncy, Jr.

·         Lorree Waddle                                                                     Randy Moler

·         June Atwell Russell                                                             Norman Repass

·         Nancy K. Tibbs                                                                     J. C. Dillow

·         Lila Groseclose                                                                    Carla Groseclose

·         Josie Hubble Lambert                                                        Amber S. Schuler

·         Alore King                                                                             James Wilson

·         Janice Russell                                                                      Jennifer Armstrong

·         Max Harner                                                                           Elaine Dillow

·         Terry Hubble                                                                        Mae Hanshew

·         Melissa Hatfield                                                                   Sue Harner

·         Vivian Copper                                                                      Ava Waddle

·         Jake Repass                                                                         Vivian Cooper

·         Ray Davis                                                                              Warren Thompson

·         Helen Kidd                                                                            Dalton Groseclose

·         Jonan Repass



Dorothy Anderson (died in 2000)                                      Everett Box (father of Darleyne Atwell)  

Larry Hanshew                                                                 Vida Neel Scott Foglesong

D. C. Fields                                                                       G. Victor Groseclose

Lorrayne C. Muncy                                                           Joseph Bohara

Donald Barger                                                                   C. Raymond Thompson

Robert (Bob) Compton                                                     Helen Lindamood Cassell



Memorial / Honorarium Gifts

MEMORY   Gertrude Tate

 By Wayne and Faye F. Sutherland 

 By William and Betty Hubble


MEMORY – Bernice Umbarger

 By Wayne and Faye F. Sutherland 


MEMORY   Vida Neel Foglesong

 By Robert & Tim Barger & Candice Puckett

 By William and Betty Hubble

 By Thomas G. Anders, Anders Realty

 By James E, “Billy” Dillman

 By J. C. and Helen Kidd

 By Harold and Grace Foglesong

 By Donald and Mae Hanshew

 By Robert and Lorraine Waddle

 By Helen and David Easton

 By Rose Mary Fisher


MEMORY – Arten Repass

 By Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Repass


MEMORY – Larry Hanshew

 By Norman and Kathelyn Harris

 By Robert and Lorraine Waddle

 By Helen and David Easton 

 By William and Betty Hubble


MEMORY – G. Victor Groseclose

 By Robert and Lorraine Waddle

 By William and Betty Hubble


MEMORY – Kenneth “Jake” Hubble

 By Jean and Mike Hubble




   During his travels, John Stafford visited an antique shop.  He was surprised to see for sale an envelope with a Ceres, Virginia postmark dated April 13, 1915.  Thankfully, John could not pass up this rare find.  He purchased the empty envelope.  John and Shirley Stafford donated the envelope to the Groseclose Museum in honor of their daughter, Jennifer. 

   Finding the envelope was the first part of the mystery.  Finding the original owner was the next task.  The envelope was addressed to Miss Helen Reeves, c/o W.V. Thomas, Meadow View, Virginia.  Miss Helen Reeves of Nebo, age 21, apparently was visiting her older sister who married W. V. Thomas.  At that time and for years to come, one rural mail carrier served both the Ceres and Nebo residents.  If a letter was picked up between Nebo and Ceres, it was left at the Ceres Post Office and postmarked “Ceres.”  If a letter was picked up from a mailbox on the way back to Nebo, it was postmarked “Nebo.”

   And now for the rest of the story.  Helen Reeves later married A. M. Kirk.  They had three children who most of you know from their days at Ceres High;  Helen Emmett Kirk Boone, Cleveland    (Sonny) Kirk and Dean Davis Kirk.



(prices are plus shipping)

Color Prints

8 X 10 Sharon College - $10

11 X 14 Sharon College - $15

(Original painting by Karla P. Turner)


T-shirts – Ain’t No Place Like Ceres

Small-xLarge - $10, xxLarge $11


Caps – Blue w/ yellow Ceres, VA - $12


Locally made jewelry - $6 - $25


Locally made candles.  In jars or blue & white pitchers - $5 each or 2 for $9.



May 3, 2008 – Opens 8:00 AM

Geo. H. Peery, Sr. Center

Indoor vendor booths (10 x 10’) - $10 Outdoor vendor spaces - $5

(No food booths except Alumni Assoc.)

Call 276 682-4587 to reserve space.

Sale items may be set up on Friday evening (5:00 to 9:00 PM).

The Association will be selling food, donated bake goods & donated yard sale items.  All donations welcome! 

Donations may be made any time prior to sale….call any Board member.



   Association dues are $25 per year or $100 for 5 years.  Dues are for the Jan.-Dec. calendar year.  It is hoped that everyone would pay their dues in January but if the dues are sent in later in the year, they are still credited for that calendar year and a membership card is mailed to the member and indicates the year through which the dues are paid.




Quarterly Membership Meeting

Installation of 2008 Officers

January 19, 2008 – 2:00 PM


Spaghetti Supper for Relay for Life

50/50 drawing for Alumni Assoc.

Feb. 15, 2008 – start serving 4:00 PM

Band – Moonshine Mafia - starting 7:00 PM


Quarterly Membership Meeting

April 19, 2008 – 2:00 PM


Flea Market and Bake Sale

May 3, 2008 – starting 8:00 AM

(see other article)


Pig Roast

 May 17, 2008 – start serving 4:00 PM

Band to be announced


Picnic and Quarterly Meeting

July 19, 2008 – 1:00 PM


8th Annual Homecoming

October 18, 2008




Monthly Board Meetings

3rd Thursday – 7:00 PM

Everyone is welcome to attend.


Other events to be announced