Dedicated to maintaining the pride and spirit of Ceres


Year 2005 March Edition No. 1


The cost of publishing this newsletter is being covered by a donation from the children of Dewey and Gladys Hall. The Hall family: Eleanor (Ellen), Robert, Andrew, Dennis, Norma, Martha, Judy, Jamie, Donnie and Ronnie, has been so very supportive of the Association. We can’t thank them enough. As a result of their sponsorship no Association funds are being used to print and mail this newsletter. The Hall family offers a challenge to other families to sponsor the newsletter.

If you or your company would like to sponsor the next Association newsletter, contact any officer or Board member.



Much was accomplished in 2004 and already much work is going on in 2005. Teamwork has made all this possible.

It is so nice to see the buildings that remained vacant and allowed to deteriorate for so long being used by the citizens on a regular basis for health improvement, fitness, recreational, and educational activities and preserving the community’s heritage.

The members are the backbone of this organization. Your membership is so important and is much appreciated. Please come by to see what your Association is doing. We would love to have you attend any monthly Board meetings (third Thursday evening) or provide your thoughts and suggestions.

Looking forward to seeing you soon. Betty C. Hubble, President



Everyone appeared to have a good time at the Homecoming festivities. If you were unable to attend this year, we missed you. The weekend started with the play, "Daffodils to Remember" on Friday night that played to a full house. The play was so well received, there are requests to repeat it again this year or present another play. The fantastic hand-painted backdrop and sidecurtains are still being used in the auditorium. Pat (Karla) Neel Turner, Becky Neel Kimberlin, Buddie and Lorree Waddle and Kirby and Joyce Keen spent many, many hours on this masterpiece. Thanks! Thanks also to the Bower family and to all the play cast members who made the play so special.

On Saturday, even a mid-morning rain shower did not dampen the good-time spirit of the 126 persons who attended. Each person received a table place card so they could hold their seat with long-lost friends while visiting and touring.

The meal was delicious. We agreed not to print the number of times some folks went back for seconds…and there was still food left.

Special (and surprise) recognition was given to Helen and George Keck and to William H. Hubble for their work and contributions to make the Fitness Room a reality. Their plaques are on display in the Fitness Room.

Again, we request feedback from you on what you liked or disliked about this year’s Homecoming so that we might make the 2005 Homecoming even better. Write us or contact any officer.



The following winners represented four States and many cities, town and communities:

John Spraker, Evelyn C. Groseclose, Dale Cline, Martha Newman, Ariel Dean, Ira McGrady, Martha Emery, Jimmy Keen, Levi Sands, Landon Sagers, Patricia Neel of Tazewell, Rogney Robinson, Gertrude Tate, Jonan C. Repass, Phyl Snapp, C. L. Faulkner, Joel Jenkins, Steve Lowe, Jimmy Keen, Edgar Wimmer, Todd Owens, Gary Simms, Malanne Cassell, Laura Peery, Ruby Atwell, Joyce Bryant, J. W. Cassell, Mike Hubble, Doyle Shupe, Norma Kesee, Edd Cornette, Jack Tate, Amanda Burton, James B. Muncy, Kathy Frye, Dare Stuart, Becky Kimberlin, Warren Thompson, John Scott, Lonnie Thomas, Barbara Shannan, and Avis Lambert Henson.

Mayme Umberger of Portsmouth, VA won a basket of fruit for being the oldest guest in attendance (we will not reveal her age in print).

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans co-sponsored the raffle event by providing a matching grant for a portion of the funds raised through the raffle. (See separate article later in this newsletter.)



President – Betty C. Hubble

Vice President – Archie Atwell

Recording Secretary – Judy Cassell

Membership Secy. – Becky Kimberlin

Treasurer – Robert I. "Buddie" Waddle

Association Board Members

Through 2005 – J. W. Cassell, Evelyn H. Groseclose and Past Pres. Frankie Catron

Through 2006 – Donna H. Compton, George Peery, Jr. and Jonan C. Repass

Through 2007 – Anne H. Britton and William H. Hubble

Endowment Trust Fund Board

Through 2005 – Ronnie Houck and Dean Kirk

Through 2006 – George H. Peery, III and James Wilson

Through 2007 – Vincent Groseclose and Larry Waddell

Special Projects Coordinators – Lorree Waddle, Wade Hall, Sue Repass, Joyce and Kirby Keen, Helen and George Keck, DeWayne Hubble, Darleyne Atwell and anyone else who would like to volunteer.


The fitness equipment is being used daily and all users express appreciation for having it available. A thank you is extended to Curtis and Faye Foglesong Sutherland and to Wade and Becky Hall for donating additional pieces of exercise equipment.




Raffle tickets sold - $4,786

Table and chairs sold - $3,875

Play donations - $301

Other donations and sales - $1,100

About 1,500 man-hours were donated to accomplish the "Daffodils to Remember" play, the raffle and homecoming events.


April 8 and 9, 2005 – Opens 8:00 AM

Geo. H. Peery, Sr. Center

Indoor vendor booths (10 x 10’) - $10 Outdoor vendor spaces - $5

Call 276 682-4587 to reserve space.

Sale items may be set up on Wednesday or Thursday evening.

The Association will be selling food, donated bake goods & donated yard sale items. All donations welcome!



You have now donated 26 table/chairs sets (at $155.00 a set) toward our goal of 30 sets and they were used for the Homecoming in October. So many people commented on how nice they looked and how comfortable the chairs were. Frankie Davis provided custom-made runners for the tables. James Wilson paid for the beautiful plaque displaying the names of donors and honorees that now hangs in the gymnasium. It is not too late to have your name added to the plaque. Checks for $155.00 along with the name of your honoree may be mailed to C.A.A., P. O. Box 32, Ceres, VA 24318.


The Ceres Alumni Association received a $1,300 grant from Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans is a fraternal organization composed of Lutheran Church members or employees of Lutheran organizations. The above amount was a match for fund raising conducted by the Association and co-sponsored by Sharon Lutheran Church. Appreciation is expressed to both Thrivent Financial for Lutherans and the members of Sharon Lutheran Church.


Appreciation is extended to E.C.A.C. of General Dynamics Employees for the $1,000 grant for which Donna Compton applied and received. Thanks everyone!


Shirrel Dean Cox Mrytle Thompson

Janet Cox Harry L. Wilson

John A. Clemons Wendell Thweatt

Arraga McNeil Young Virgie Durham


Notifications will be sent to the families when contributions are made to the Association in memory or in honor of others.


All those with an interest in the Ceres Community are eligible to be a member of the Ceres Alumni Association. Annual dues are $25 or $100 for five years and may be mailed to P. O. Box 32, Ceres, VA 24318. If you know of others who might be interested in being a member, please pass this information on to them or contact us.



Groseclose Museum:

Material purchased to replace front roof.

Contract issued to paint shop interior.

Local museum to expand to shop area.

Peery Center:

Major repairs to boy’s locker room.

Material purchased to place a metal cap around top exterior edge of building.

Hallway to rest rooms changed.

Kitchenette planned for one locker area.


April 8 & 9

Flea-market / Bake Sale

8:00 AM – In and around Peery Center

April 16

Quarterly Membership Meeting

2:00 PM – Groseclose Museum

Note: Ruritan Club will have a fish fry from 3:00 – 7:00 PM and Bluegrass Music starting at 7:00 PM.

July 1

Start of the annual fund raiser raffle.

List of donated prizes needed by this date.

July 16

Quarterly Membership Meeting and Potluck Family Picnic.

1:00 PM – Location to be announced

October 15

Annual Homecoming

Weekend’s activities/schedule TBA