2013 Homecoming

2013 Ceres Homecoming

Veterans Honored at Ceres Homecoming        

The Ceres Alumni Association sponsored its thirteenth annual Ceres Homecoming on October 19, 2013.  The weather was perfect and the turning leaves added to the beauty of the valley.  The event was well attended with the oldest being 92 and at least two 90 year olds there.  Other ages ranged down to under 10. 

 After the opportunity to visit the Museum and school building (thanks to the Ruritan Club) guests gathered in the gym, beautifully decorated in patriotic colors and with a large display of military pictures.

 The theme was Remembering our Veterans.  The twenty-seven veterans in attendance were each presented a flag lapel pin as they were thanked for their service to our country by CAA president, G.H. Peery, III.  Wade Hall, Gary Carroll and Steve Brown talked about veteran’s services in the County provided by the American Legion and Auxiliary #20, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and Auxiliary # 7969, and the Veterans Memorial.

Honored Vets, (left to right) Jack Smith, Robert Hall, Andrew Hubble, Billy Dillman, Warren Thompson, Gary Carroll, Randy Jackson, J. C. Dillow, Curtis Sexton, William Hubble, David Peery, James O'Quinn, Wiley Cox, John Scott, J. W. Cassell, Archie Atwell, William Crabtree, Ellis Shupe, Wade Hall, Elmer Beardshall, Sidney Harvey, Robert Waddle, James Allen, Steven Brown, Ray Davis, Wayne Umbarger, and Vivian Cooper.

Ellis and Eleanor Shupe provided several music renditions for the enjoyment of the 157 participants present.  Ellis still has the same nice voice that we remember from high school.

 Following the blessing by Rev. C. Ray Davis, a delicious and bountiful meal, catered by the Ladies of Berea Christian Church, was served.  Diane Tibbs thanked to the association members for the love extended to her husband the late Nelson Tibbs during his membership years.   Nelson is greatly missed by everyone.

 Archie Atwell led the annual “Rose of Remembrance” segment of the program.  Thirty-seven (37) members, family and local citizens whose deaths were reported to the Association since the last Homecoming were remembered with a long stem rose presented to family members who were present.  Those remembered were:  Greta Houck; Paula Duncan; W. C. Thomas, Jr.; Bobby Carver; Ruth Wright (Mrs. Harry) Foglesong; Eleanor Hall Martin Wildgoose; Nerissa Tyeryar; Virginia Ruth Cregar Harris; Ethel Creggar Hubble; Lena Irene Cassell; Anne Tilson Cassell, former Ceres teacher & principal; Rebecca “Becky” Harner Hall; Nancy Umbarger Allen; Wanda Fields Miller; Carolyn Scott Mustard; Ivy Lambert; Linda E. Davis, super seller of CAA raffle tickets; Henry Howard Newberry;

Alvis Duane Atwell; Maggie J. Atkins; Elmer Myers; Linda Hubble Shupe; Anna Tate; Carolyn Dale Repass; Harvey L. Gates; David L. Goins; Warren Nelson Tibbs, CAA Board Member and super food service director at all the fund raisers; Nicholas Tibbs, brother of Nelson who died two weeks later; Mayme Harmon Umbarger; Avis Lambert Hensen; Gladys Tibbs Umbarger; Patricia Kirk, daughter of Jean Cassell Kirk; Owen Umberger; Eskoline (Betty) Davis, sister of Joyce Keen; Dorothy Hubble Groseclose; Barkley C. (B.C.) Umberger; and Tammy Lee Atkins.  Rick Hanshew and Lee Tate who died within the last few days will be remembered next year.

 Dean DeRosa provided an interesting introduction of his new on-line image based program to feature pictures of ancestors from the Ceres area. He also had equipment to demonstrate the new program.  This is something the community can all look forward to.  The Bland Historical Society who is spotlighting the local Sharon School and College this year provided interesting exhibits which include an actual small teacher’s desk that was used in Sharon College. 


During the business meeting, minutes of the last Board meeting, Treasurer’s report, Museum report and current membership list, as presented in the program, were approved.  The following Association officers were elected for 2013:  President – G. H. Peery, III, Vice President – Betty C. Hubble, Recording Secretary and Reporter – Michelle H. Groseclose, Membership Secretary – Lorraine S. Waddle, Historian – Kathy M. Hubble, Treasurer – Robert I. “Buddie” Waddle.  Wade Hall will hold the position of Past President. 


The Association’s Board of Directors for the period through 2014 will be J. W. Cassell, Evelyn H. Groseclose and Elizabeth N. Kimberlin.   Serving through 2015 will be Jonan C. Cassell, Sue T. Repass and Janet White.  Elected to serve three-year terms through 2016 were Frank Gray, William H. Hubble and Rebecca M. Peery.

 The Association Endowment Fund Directors will be Dean D. Kirk, Robin U. Repass and Jerry Thompson through 2014.    Serving through 2015 will be Edd Houck, Joyce Keen and Glen Repass.  Elected to serve three-year terms through 2016 were Judy Cassell, William H. Crabtree, and DeWayne Hubble.  Automatic past president board members are Archie Atwell, Anne H. Britton, Donna H. Compton, Frances C. Davis, Wade F. Hall, Betty C. Hubble, and Doris C. Woodward.

 A much anticipated event of the day was the drawing of the winning tickets in the annual raffle.  45 raffle prizes were awarded to: Michelle Atwell, Jeff Haynes, Vanessa Boyer, Simone Hubble Manis, Molly Thompson, Jeannette Dillon, Larry Waddell, Mike Whitehead, Laura Peery, Priscilla Hubble, Maxine Childers, Linden Thompson, Carrol Crabtree, Edd Houck, Dan Foglesong, Felicia Hayton, Alma Hubble, Sarah Paulette, Eva Lois Winsette, Bobby Price, Tommy Dunn, Marlene Barger, Debbie Looney, Mike Dye, Bob Rose, June Sands, George Lambert, C. Roland Young, Eunice Cooper, Sandra Brooks,  Dora Ann Ferina, Billy Dillman, Cheryl Thomas, Vivian Cooper, and Jim Greer.  The six largest prizes of the day were a $100 gift certificate donated by C.A.A and won by James Cassell, a $200 gift certificate donated by C.A.A and won by Wiley Cox, an I-Pad donated by C.A.A. and several members and won by Carl Russell; a handmade quilt donated by “Just for Fun” Quilters was won by Eric Workman; a framed P. Buckley Moss print donated by the Moss Foundation and framed by Ron Stallard was won by Norma Repass; and a Remington rifle w/scope donated by the Association was won by Cheryl Owens.  Della Mae Neel of Ceres sold the most raffle tickets; and Don Cooper of Bluefield was second.  Prizes were given to both.   Over 100 door prizes were given to those attending the Homecoming.  

 Appreciation was expressed to all the donors of the raffle gifts and door prizes, especially those who gave more than one gift. The following businesses and individuals donated prizes:  Ceres Alumni Association, P. Buckley Moss Foundation and custom framing by Ron Stallard, “Just for Fun” Quilters, Jimbo Muncy, Dean Kirk of Builders Supermarket, Judy Hubble Hannah, Bill and Betty Hubble, Glen Repass, Grayson National Bank, Wytheville Office Supply, Elaine Kegley, Evelyn Groseclose, Kirby and Joyce Keen, Bill and Betty Crabtree, Buddie and Lorree Waddle, Wade Hall, Crabtree Family Sewing, J. W. and Judy Cassell, Jonan Repass, Archie and Darleyne Atwell, G. H. and Rebecca Peery, Dunn’s Bland Square Restaurant, Della Mae Neel, Jack King – State Farm Insurance, Wright Automotive, Old Post Mercantile, New Peoples Bank of Bland, Sue Repass, Harner’s Market, Regina Davis Lowman, Randy Townley – Bland Auto, the Gilbert Raymond Repass family in his memory, BB&T of Bland, Ann Peery, Sloan Cain, Elmer and Ann Beardshall, A+ Rental, Nancy Harner, Michelle Groseclose, Looney’s Auto, Rachelle Nelson, Smokey’s BBQ of Wytheville, Janet White, Big Walker Lookout, Archie and Darleyne Atwell, Frankie Davis, Wolfe Creek Indian Village, First Bank of Virginia, Bland Family Dentistry, Bland Farm Bureau, NAPA of Bland, Wiley Cox, Lanny Lindamood, Janet and Gary White, New York Life, Ceres Ministry Center and Bastian Clinic.

 Thanks were extended to all who helped make this day such a success; to the Ceres Ruritan Club for allowing the guests to tour the former school building and for its upkeep; and to all who brought “Toys for Tots.”   Toys for Tots may still be donated until December 1, 2013 at Harner’s Market.

 The next Ceres Homecoming will be on the third Saturday in October, 2014.