2011 Homecoming

2011 Ceres Homecoming and Dedication

The Ceres Alumni Association sponsored its eleventh annual Ceres Homecoming and its Dedication of the new gym floor on October 15, 2011. The weather could not have been more perfect and the fall colors decorating the valley provided the ideal backdrop.  The Homecoming was well attended and enjoyed by all.  The theme for the day was AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL. The day started with registration and a chance for guests to tour the buildings on the former Ceres school campus and visit with old friends.  Attendees were given a 2012 date book and tickets for door prizes.   An added treat this year was the addition of a video of Marie C. Groseclose giving an Introduction and Welcome to the Museum.  The CD was produced by John and Bonnie Dodson.  

At noon, everyone gathered in the decorated gymnasium for the Dedication Service with Wade Hall as Master of Ceremony.  Following the Pledge of Allegiance, Rebecca Neel Gilbert beautifully sung, America the Beautiful.  The song was dedicated to Rebecca’s late father, Larry Dean Neel.  Wade Hall gave an interesting time-line of the struggles to get the floor installed.  Audra Repass had a slide show of the construction progress.  Eric R. Workman, Sr., County Administrator and Henry Blessing, County Supervisor representing Sharon District provided comments.  A message from “Rick” Boucher expressing his regrets at not being able to attend and offering his best wishes was read by G. H. Peery, III.  The official ribbon cutting was by the Association committee members who spent countless hours attending meetings on this grant and construction process:  Wade Hall, Robert and Lorraine Waddle and William and Betty Hubble.  William Hubble was selected to actually cut the symbolic ribbon because he was the person who approached Congressman Boucher about a grant and got the process started.  

At 1:00 PM, a delicious and bountiful meal, catered by Loretta Worrell Catering Service, was served.  The decorations in the gym by Becky Kimberlin, Lorree and Buddie Waddle and their committee members carried out the America the Beautiful theme.  

Following lunch, there was a salute to our military men and women.  A special thanks was given for their service to our country.  Rebecca Gilbert sung “Freedom’s Never Free” as a tribute to all past and present service personnel.   

W. Nelson Tibbs led the annual “Rose of Remembrance” segment of the program.  Eighteen members, family and local citizens whose deaths were reported to the Association since the last Homecoming were remembered with a long stem rose presented to family members who were present.  Those remembered were:  Mary Frances Umbarger Barrington, Andrew Bane Crabtree, O. Claude Davis, Gilbert Raymond Repass (husband of Jean Atwell Repass), Dr. Emory C. Bogle (son of Fred and Ruth Brown Bogle), Margaret Hanshew Moseley, Allie Hagy Ingram, Randolph Hanshew, Earl Durham, Faith Danette Penley, Nora J. Lambert Umbarger, Larry F. Thompson, Robert “Bobby” Cruff, Patsy Patrick Dillow, M. “Jack” Williams (brother of Carrol Crabtree), Mae Groseclose Heslep, 98, (former Ceres teacher), Lindell Hatcher (husband of Nancy Lambert Hatcher) and David Chrisley (brother of Annie C. Peery. 

During the business meeting, minutes of the last Board meeting, Treasurer’s report, Museum report and current membership list, as presented in the program, were approved.  A proposed change to the Association Constitution/By-Laws which would make all past presidents permanent members of the Boards of Directors was approved.  The following Association officers were elected for 2012:  President – G. H. Peery, III, Vice President – Betty C. Hubble, Recording Secretary and Reporter – Michelle H. Groseclose, Membership Secretary – Lorraine S. Waddle, Historian – Kathy M. Hubble, Treasurer – Robert I. “Buddie” Waddle.  Wade Hall will hold the position of Past President.  The Association’s Board of Directors for the period through 2012 will be Jonan C. Cassell, Sue T. Repass and W. Nelson Tibbs and Anne H. Britton, William H. Hubble and Frankie Gray through 2013.  Elected to serve three-year terms through 2014 were J. W. Cassell, Evelyn H. Groseclose and Elizabeth N. Kimberlin.  The Association Endowment Fund Directors will be Joyce Keen, G. H. Peery, III, and James Wilson for a term through 2012, and Judy Cassell, William H. Crabtree, and DeWayne Hubble through 2013.  Dean D. Kirk, Robin U. Repass and Jerry Thompson were elected to serve three-year terms through 2014.  Rebecca M. Peery was elected to fill the unexpired term through 2013 of Anne H. Britton who will be an automatic Board member as a past president, and A. Glen Repass was elected to fill the unexpired term through 2012 of G. H. Peery, III who was elected 2012 President.  Automatic past president board members will be Anne H. Britton, Doris C. Woodward, Donna H. Compton, Frances C. Davis, Betty C. Hubble, Archie B. Atwell, and Wade F. Hall. 

A much anticipated event of the day was the drawing of the winning tickets in the annual raffle.  30 raffle prizes were awarded to: Sarah Bracken, Vernon Altizer, Daniel Bennett, Jack Compton, Adam Kegley, Veronica Compton, Janette Rose, Dandy Doane, Gladys Deaton, Patricia Williams, Linda S. Schwaitzberg, J. C. Kidd, Isaac Repass, Ruby K. McMillan, Marvin Carver, Dan Dent, Sheri Henderson, Annie Peery, Barbara Rose, Rick Hanshew, Mae Hanshew, Kelly Williams, Erin Thompson and Amarratt Carter.  The five largest prizes of the day were a laptop computer donated by Wade Hall, Bill and Betty Hubble and C.A.A. and won by James Young; a handmade quilt donated by “Just for Fun” Quilters and won by Mike Dye; a framed P. Buckley Moss print donated by the Moss Foundation and framed by Farmer’s Daughter Framing won by Jack King; a 270 Remington rifle w/scope donated by the Association and won by Kathy Johnson; and a Sears Craftsman Cutting Kit donated by James F. Wilson and won by Donald Cooper.  Della Mae Neel of Ceres sold the most raffle tickets; Linda Davis of Bland was second with only $6 fewer tickets.  Prizes will be given to both.   Over 100 door prizes were given to those attending the Homecoming.   

Appreciation was expressed to all the donors of the raffle gifts and door prizes, especially those who gave more than one gift. The following businesses and individuals donated prizes:  Ceres Alumni Association, P. Buckley Moss Foundation and custom framing by Farmers Daughter, “Just for Fun” Quilters, Muncy Associated Management Service, Inc., Dean Kirk of Builders Supermarket, James. F. Wilson, Brenda Kidd Thompson, Glen and Robin Repass of Chick-a-Bee Farm, Elaine Kegley, J. C. Kidd, Crabtree Family Sewing, Bill and Betty Hubble, J. W. and Judy Cassell, Buddie and Lorree Waddle, Jonan C. Repass, Della Mae Neel, Jack King – State Farm Insurance, Becky Kimberlin, Wade and Becky Hall, Applebee’s of Wytheville, New Peoples Bank of Bland, Sue Repass, First1Bank of Wytheville, Evelyn H. Groseclose, Harner’s Market, Affordable Tractor, Randy Townley – Bland Auto, First1Bank, the Repass family of Milton, WA who provided 40 door prizes in memory of Gilbert Raymond Repass who was NASCAR Northwest Region Director, Wiley Cox who provided 25 $2 bills as door prizes, Big Walker Lookout, New People’s Bank and BB&T Bank of Bland.   

Thanks were extended to all who helped make this day such a success; to the Ceres Ruritan Club for allowing the guests to tour their former school building and for its upkeep; and to all who brought “Toys for Tots.”   Toys for Tots may still be donated until December 1, 2011 at Harner’s Market. 

The next Ceres Homecoming will be on the third Saturday in October, 2012.

Ribbon cutting

Crowd at Homecoming